Juice it or Blend it?

As I was taking my cool down run this morning, feeling pretty energized and very hungry (kettlebells do that to me!) I was having a mental fight whether a smoothie or juiced beverage was going to be part of my breakfast….I happen to have the ingredients for a few different combinations and the debate raged!

Since both juicing and blending add fresh/raw fruits and vegetables to your daily intake, they both have benefits; and some downsides to consider as well. For me, as I still consider which way to go, the biggest CON goes to juicing only because of the consequent cleaning of said equipment! BUT….


  • PRO’S: easy on the digestive system and a super shot of vitamins and minerals in one “dose”; quick energy boost; promotes tissue/organ healing and is detoxifying.
  • MORE CON’s: using only fruit can spike blood sugar levels; potentially not filling enough; short shelf-life


  • PROS: slow, steady stream of nutrients into bloodstream; supports digestive health; more satiating; longer shelf life
  • CONS: can pack in hidden calories in extra carbs/sugars

We all know that they both provide health benefits, and it really depends on what ingredients you have, when you make it (as in time of day, will you use all the juice at once? how are you going to store it, etc…) and, honestly what you FEEL like having!!

I think I am in a crazy enough mood to juice it up and use it in a smoothie!



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