I Break for Injuries

ImageIt my be one of the hardest things to do, once you are in a routine, but taking a break from working out for an injury is the smart thing to do. SOME injuries can be worked through by modifying a session; or like working out when you are sick…is it just a bit of a head cold? or something more serious? It all depends…

But a back injury is not something to be messed with. Considering all your back and spine is involved with, it really IS the one pain to stop you in your tracks and let it mend!

It feels like admitting weakness, defeat even….but I would like to run another day and swing another kettlebell, so I know the time to rest is important.

I did something to twist-up my lower back during a jump-rope body-weight Interval series and cool-down run yesterday. Spent the day cautiously walking around at work and a restless night; as every time I moved I had to partially sit up and hold my abs in to roll over. SO, I am out of the home-gym and off of the roads and trails for the time being.

Maybe it will give me more time to focus on the mind-body connection of being fit; maybe I will complete some kitchen-recipe projects I have been gathering information on but no time to really get into.

… I hear the weights calling, and my road bike is cajoling me… and the new trail-running gear? well, they are just sitting looking pretty and promising me they will cushion my run. But they all have to wait …..


One thought on “I Break for Injuries

  1. As I begin Day#3 of being on the “IR” list, I’m getting antsy: I think I am feeling better and can move a bit more freely, but it is still VERY limiting and I know I am not better at all. And then I remember how I still woke up to change positions last night and how none were very comfortable for a decent period of time.

    I’m hoping I can say I am one of those people whose back injuries just goes away after a few days. Time off will help, I hope enough to do the trick.

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