Rest RX Day#4

So, being on the mend with this back injury this weekend has been eye-opening. It’s so difficult to “NOT”. The time for working out is so ingrained into my days and weekly plans, that I feel lost and definitely out of sync. And in 4 days, I don’t think I can be truly out of shape et, but I feel like I might be! Instead of letting this negative feeling grow, I have been focusing, or TRYING to re-focus on other aspects of myLife: reading, writing, class work, researching ideas – the mind building exercises. I had to give myself permission to stop the exercise routines, to spend time with the books and articles etc. I will get better and get back to the grind, but to do it right my BODY needs the time off. And I think keeping my mind busy, will help me keep positive about moving ahead with “plans” even though I can’t workout. Plus, I can work up a complete new re-intro to workout schedule for myself.  Here’s to the coming week! may yourFit be active to the best of your (current!) abilities!


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