So, how DO I want to start working out again?

The sky is the limit! I have no pre-conceived ideas, and the slate is clean, so to speak. I like to have some sort of goal in mind for my exercising:  every few months I find something different to focus on. Whether it is a seasonal activity, new workout routine with different equipment etc, I like to change it up. It is good for the mind as well as the body (the whole neuro-muscular development and all that science-y stuff that is amazing to read, but I wont re-write it all now!)

I have been running, biking, playing tennis, a little swimming, lifting weights (DB and KB routines)  along with some body-weight HIIT style workouts, and Heavy Bag workouts with boxing and kickboxing drills. And I LOVE taking my DB/KB and resistance bands outside on the deck for the “al fresco” effect of all that fresh air, and watching the sun rise through the trees in my back yard.

I am going to create a 6-week cycle of Circuit Training “Pattern” for myself, combining all of these activities: since the weather is going to be agreeable for the next (2?!)  few months before winter will drive me indoors mostly.  The “Last Hurrah! for Outdoor Workouts”

…….Up next: How to plan the PLAN?


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