A Roller Coaster Week

ImageIn the past week I have felt EVERY emotion in regards to my current non-functional injured state; from being positive about keeping things simple and working getting better, taking time to do other things, to sad, hurting  weak, broken and frustrated, and now angry.

I do walk around (10 steps forward, 10 steps back, 4 baby steps side, 4 baby steps other side…10 steps forward on toes, 10 back…aaaaggggghhhh!!!! BORED!) I do the 3 or 4 stretches the doctor told me to do, a few times a day. I have to ice and heat every once in a while.  I sit in a chair and do curls until I am bored, and arm circles are only just as entertaining as the curls.

I should be happy. I am almost done with the prednisone (I am allergic to anti-inflammatory meds) and that I have gotten to a place that its 100x better than where I WAS with this; but  I can’t do what I want to do yet.

I think I see “despondent” looming on the horizon!! I can honestly say I am physically sick to my stomach from not being physically active. Has anyone, ever felt this way!?!


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