Back to the Beginning..and the new ‘myownfit’

My first post: 

I have been an avid exerciser with varied results for what seems to be my whole life. I have been in great shape, good shape and bad shape. Learning to be fit for the sake of overall wellness and happiness, and NOT just the reflection in the mirror, has made it easier for me to stay in great shape and keep working towards even more fitness goals.

I feel that everyone has their optimal fitness style, and level of fitness, at different times of their lives. Finding “YOUR FIT” should be fun. It isn’t about matching what others can do or look like. It’s about making YOU the healthiest, strongest, most confident YOU that YOU can be by doing things that inspire you.

I hope to encourage and lead you to new fun, fit and healthy goals for your lives.

Being fit, to me, means my whole being, not just body. And through exercise, mental “activity” and nourishment (jeeez, that sounds way more bookish than I want, but it’s what I mean!) I feel wholly fit. And that is why I am beginning this segment of my fitness with trying my hand at something new. ..THIS! I find that branching out and doing something new keeps me “on edge”, learning and motivated.

It is a work in progress; it is a continual learning process; it is fun and should be entertaining for all! Stick around!”

In a split second, back in August,  I went from previewing a new life of health coaching, to becoming the one who needed the coach, and couldn’t even keep up with my own intentions! Being injured in such a way for such a long time, really knocked me off-track; but was a great learning experience, too.

Now, I am so close to beginning again, and I am so excited! 

I will be posting here as to the where’s and what’s will be going on in the coming weeks.




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