Don’t Avoid Avocado!

This small blurb on avocados making you fat got me kind of angry the other day.WP_20140225_005

I found it in Health magazine (the March 2014 issue). It’s a small, 1/12 page size square, tucked into the bottom corner of another article; not too obvious, but just conspicuous enough to get MY attention anyhow. So I am sure other people noticed it too.

What gets me, is the misrepresentation of the health benefits that avocados do have despite their high fat content. Not to mention the type of fat content is has, and that’s why the avocado is such a neat thing to add to your diet, not shy away from!

OK, so the author does mention that avocados are healthy, and that some people might disagree with what they have to say. That’s honest, and fine, I guess; but I still didn’t think it told the whole story.

There are so many nutrients packed into avocados: vitamin E, B-9 (folate) and vitamin K,  potassium and vitamin C; 18 of the all important amino acids (those protein building blocks) and healthy fats, of course. Oh, and fiber (lets not forget the fiber!)

Healthy eyes, skin and hair; Improved blood glucose levels and lowered cholesterol and protection from heart disease; Nerve function and blood cell health. From very obvious outward signs of being healthy to smaller, imperceptible inner health, the avocado is a rich source that should be included in a diet – even if you are just starting a weight loss plan.

Consider this: no one is saying to eat a whole avocado in one sitting, or really to eat a whole avocado everyday.

Think about how most “whole-food” diets recommend you to eat: a variety of different foods, daily; and according to general portion/serving sizes that meet daily goals for different food categories.

So, the high fat avocado,  when eaten “responsibly”,  it can be in appropriate amounts of calories and fats consumed in proportion to what your “daily guidelines” should be. Ugh, that makes it sound so clinical and calculating; but it isn’t that way at all!  It’s about  knowing what your basic needs are to begin with, and being wise enough to eat appropriately; and you don’t really have to get too technical.

As for not being satisfied by just having one piece….well, that is a whole other topic -COMPLETELY! And that ties into so many other food issues, that we should not pin on the innocent avocado! Those issues won’t continue to be issues when you make the switch to eating the healthy whole foods…hint, hint!

More on just eating,  real whole-foods and letting go of calorie counting to come!



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