Just what is that Liquid Coconut Oil?

Buyer Beware: I’ve been seeing ALL sorts of brands of coconut oil lately – cos it is HOT-HOT-HOT ! And rightly so: there are so many health benefits to go into, but I just really wanted to make you aware of the differences between the SOLID Coconut Oils, which we are accustomed to seeing, and the LIQUID Coconut Oils that are showing up in markets. In the tropics, where 7506886758_5fd5e94f57_zcoconuts grow naturally, the oil remains liquid due to the average temperatures being generally over 75°.    

It IS manufactured from coconut oil, but under a process (fractionating) that removes one of the healthy fatty-acid chains that makes Coconut Oil so unique. This processing allows the coconut oil to stay liquid, even refrigerated. I’m not sold on this being a good thing, but I don’t know for sure how bad it is either; it IS made from coconut oil, BUT it is highly processed. Typically, everything in its natural state is better for us than in the ways modern life imagines it to be. Read labels and dig a little deeper !


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