How Do You Make Your New Year’s Resolutions? (or, Don’t Play Resolution Roulette)


Every year there are TONS of articles, posts and silly memes, about making resolutions, how we make the same ones over and over , and how to’s and advice on starting them and sticking with them, or not making them because we often give up anyhow.






I am somewhere caught in the middle.

On the one hand, making these so called NYR’s is good because it means you recognized a need for a change or a desire to become something new or different.

They typically have some meaning to us, and that’s good. To aspire to be healthier, gain more wisdom/education or do more activities/experiences is exciting, normal, and can be fun and open so many other possibilities down the road.

But without a plan of action, a road map,an itinerary or some kind of guide, making any changes is just about nearly impossible. And breaking down the resolution itself into smaller steps, what you may need to do to get to the final goal itself, are really what these sets of directions are.

Take one of the top 10 resolutions: “lose weight” Its a good goal. But it’s very open in the “how” department!  Breaking down this goal, and even adding a bit more to be specific about it is even better. Try “lose 15 pounds by May” instead.

The difference is a target and a deadline. You know what you really want and when you want to have it done.

Now, add “by exercising 3-5 times a week” and something like “and adding 2 vegetables a day and cutting out sodas”.  Its not vague and definitely not wishy-washy; you just told yourself what to do. Now go and get it done!

This is a really simplistic breakdown, and of course there are other factors to consider when you are creating the goal, the steps and setting details for your own specific NYR.

So in the wave of the excitement of a new year and the fresh start that feels so great, it can be like Resolution Roulette. My advice is don’t just pick a resolution, just because its that time of year and its ‘what we do’;

Give it life by filling out the details for yourself; take some time to get down’n dirty with your goal and HOW to get it done.

Find support and the resources to help you reach the goal you have in mind if needed, and please don’t give up on yourself!  Realize it may take time to accomplish what you want – it might take some time and work, hard work even; you might want to give up; but don’t!

It was you resolution for a reason, go with it and see what it brings you when you DO get to the finish line. Its going to be awesome, I know that much!







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