A Bear of a Soup

I was thinking about it almost my whole ride home from work: what am I going to make for dinner? What was in my fridge and pantry? I was having a mental block and not sure of any of it; all I knew was I would be home in about a minute, and was hungry. I was lucky enough to only be feeding myself; that my husband was not going to be home for whatever little dish was to be had!

This compilation of left overs came together kind of haphazardly, as I went through the contents of my fridge. Not that they didn’t seem to go together, but I was not sure what I felt like eating, never mind spend time cooking.

Starting with a bit of left over beef, I realized there were roasted mushrooms and onions too, and should use them before they turned on me. The challenge was to reheat the beef and not dry it out. Stir-fry? Sounded like too much work, and making rice too? I was looking for somewhat quick! Soup? But I didn’t have broth…and then I remembered: I have Red Miso paste. Now we were in business!

I started up the water, added the miso, and then the mushrooms and onions and let that simmer while I think sliced the beef, some green onions and got a bunch of baby spinach ready to add too. I seasoned it with black and white peppers, sriraccha sauce. I found some soba noodles to add the finishing touch.

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“Now that’s a Bear-of-a-Soup!” said some voice in my head when I stopped to look at my beautiful bowl. As I looked at the ingredients that were now melded together, I realized it was a power meal. Any bear coming out of hibernation would just love it.

Protein and anti-oxidant rich, B-vitamins and minerals like calcium, iron and potassium, and a gluten-free grain. Spicy enough with great umami. Satisfying to the end! Great for that end of winter punch of energy to make it to spring!

Do you ever fight with leftovers? What have you ended up with that was an unexpected treat


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