quick thoughts on choosing a protein powder

Protein Powders can be good.
They help build muscle (the ever so popular workout “recovery drinks” (It is true that there is physiological, metabolic benefit to having a post-workout protein within a certain time frame to help rebuild and repair to avoid some aches and pains even)
As meal replacements for weight loss (packing a your breakfast smoothie or juice with some added protein and a healthy fat to keep you fuller longer on maybe a bit fewer calories to assist in weight loss)
And those who need to gain weight or have poor appetites due to illness or are recovering (sneaking in some extra healthy calories is an easy way to speed healing times and be less intimidating than huge meals to some people)
But there are some things to consider when selecting one to add to your diet. The basic things to look for are the protein SOURCES – processed soy, milk proteins (whey and casein) and egg versus GMO-free, hormone free beef, or wheat free plant based options; and avoiding ADDED flavors and sugars (such as HFCS, maltodextrin, and a myriad of other naturally derived or artificially made sweeteners) how to choose a protein shake

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