I got “FOLO” ’cause you know, YOLO…

Week #3 of being on the Injured Reserve…this sux. I think I learned my lesson. I am a laid-back person, but that didn’t mean I was a “relaxed” person. I am kind of hyper, and fidgety more than I realized. And this time of “not” doing has been stressful, a FOMO of sorts, a FOLO? fear of losing out? yeah, that’s it…losing strength, endurance, flexibility, and <<gasp>> drive? motivation? I don’t think it will go that far, but, I have taken the stretching and walking as far as it can go, and have had a mini-set back. But that can be expected? ups and downs, right? Well, I have to consider a second DR appointment soon , I guess…

I’m also losing focus on what I wanted to focus on during my recovery. I am pushing to get too many things done now. I have to slow down. My sense of wanting to get more done in the short amounts of time I have given to each project is not realistic. I saw a great quote, and I can’t remember from who or where I saw it, but it went like this:

“People often over-estimate what they can do in a day and under-estimate what they can do in their life”

Slow and steady wins the race. I GET that when it actually comes to running. But to apply that to other things is turning  out to be a challenge!



MY SI Joint Exercises and Diet Supplements for Natural Anti-Inflammatories* Teaser

 I am two and a half weeks into this injury, but I’m doing better and nearly ready to start exercising in earnest again (oh how I am longing for a bike ride! **sigh) I have been doing basic stretches and strengthening for lower back and hip/leg flexibility. I also have been including some water-walking and paddling (as in doggie paddling, to start, but I have progressed to something that I imagine looks like a horse or hippo “running” in water) and then the heat and ice afterwards.

Natural anti-inflammatories is something that I decided to look into, as I am allergic to NSAIDS, making the initial injury phase really uncomfortable as I can’t take those really effective meds.  Searching around the net, I found A LOT of info; and followed some basic guidelines for diet and herbal remedies for fighting inflammation due to arthritis. I am compiling some of the basics to write up what I did with the information (Did I mention there is A LOT!?!)  But I just stuck to what I had available and made the most sense for me. Eating the mostly paleo diet I do already,  put so many of the recommended foods on my “list” to begin with, but there were some changes and additions. Be on the lookout for that info soon!

But here is the lower back exercise routine that has kept me mobile and getting back to normal:

Warm up with some basic side bends, going only as far as feeling a stretch/no pain!, and front and back bends, and then some rotations. ONLY GOING AS FAR AS the pain allows, NOT going further INTO the stretch.

HOLD all of these 10-15 seconds, REPEAT each one 3-5x (each side if done individually)

1. BUTTERFLY: lay on back, knees up; rotate feet and knees to drop outward; use hands on inner knee for some pressure.

2. COBRA: lay on stomach, hands under shoulders, push so upper body lifts, NO SHOULDER SCRUNCHING! and keep pelvis on floor.

3. KNEE DROPS: laying on back, knees up, lower both knees to one side, keeping upper body still, return to center.

4. KNEE PRESS/PULL: laying on back, knees bent; bring one knee toward chest, placing both hands on top of knee; while pushing knee AWAY simultaneously resist pressure and continue pulling knee TO you.

5. AD/AB’s: a) from same position on back, separate knees, place both fists together between and press knees inwards. b) place palms on outside of knees and press knees outwards.

I am moving onto some others now (cat/camel stretch lunges, hip flexors and hammys as I now feel very tight) but these have been the meat of my program, am and pm.  So hopefully in a week I can tackle a run! (maybe?!)

The upper body workout is  so limited when your back is strained, but it is possible. From arm circles (small to big and front to back) seated punch/block/strike series and laying on the floor for some chest presses and chair tricep-dips made their way into the routine and made me feel better as well.

I hope I can graduate into some STANDING exercises this week. I’m going to test a few things this morning and see where it goes. So onto my stretching and then some hydro therapy, and hippo-running.


A Roller Coaster Week

ImageIn the past week I have felt EVERY emotion in regards to my current non-functional injured state; from being positive about keeping things simple and working getting better, taking time to do other things, to sad, hurting  weak, broken and frustrated, and now angry.

I do walk around (10 steps forward, 10 steps back, 4 baby steps side, 4 baby steps other side…10 steps forward on toes, 10 back…aaaaggggghhhh!!!! BORED!) I do the 3 or 4 stretches the doctor told me to do, a few times a day. I have to ice and heat every once in a while.  I sit in a chair and do curls until I am bored, and arm circles are only just as entertaining as the curls.

I should be happy. I am almost done with the prednisone (I am allergic to anti-inflammatory meds) and that I have gotten to a place that its 100x better than where I WAS with this; but  I can’t do what I want to do yet.

I think I see “despondent” looming on the horizon!! I can honestly say I am physically sick to my stomach from not being physically active. Has anyone, ever felt this way!?!

What’s In YOUR Supplement?

If you’re a health conscious person, you either have or have considered taking vitamins and some sort of other supplement at one time or another. Surely a basic multivitamin, or some extra calcium and Vitamin D will help you attain maximum health while living your busy life? And sometimes our food choices (our own or by outside forces, to be fair) are less than stellar, and this is “extra help” – isn’t it?

Well, if you closer at the ingredients and labels on the bottle, you may find out otherwise. As in other industries, companies use fillers and additives that improve their products’ processing, appearance, shelf-life and potency (bio-availability) for your digestive convenience.

The “easy” items to spot are hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oil (mostly soy) and artificial colors. We all have heard about these two and their un-healthy effects. But what about the rest of those ingredients?

Look for “dl” -prefixes. This indicates it is the synthetic version of the vitamin (Vitamin E from a lab is dl-alpha tocopherol.

Ingredients ending with -ate or -ide indicate these are also of synthesized origin. They are used to increase stability and potency of the vitamins (nitrate, sodium ascorbate, acetate, sodium benzoate, chloride, hydrochloride, silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide, magnesium stearate, the list goes on…)

Obviously, but one of those things you might not think of, is that if the vitamin name itself is listed, it is synthetic. Check the ingredients list for the food sources, and not “chemical names” (Citrus, not Vitamin C; Parsley, not Vitamin K).

The product label itself is your first clue. If it reads “Natural”, the manufacturer only has to have 10% of ingredients from a natural food source. Look for statements like “100% animal – plant based” or “100 % Natural” .

It’s known that the body will digest and absorb either forms of vitamins equally. But it’s also been shown that the overload of synthetic vitamins that are in the supplements today, are eliminate by the body and so the “expensive urine” syndrome begins! Also, other studies are seeing that when exposed to excessive vitamin environment, our bodies become used to that eventually less receptive to vitamin absorption. (Sound familiar? Think insulin!)

Eating high-quality, fresh and local foods is the best way to boost your health, maintain proper body functions and help prevent disease. So, check your labels and ingredient lists. Dump those that are using the synthetics and check around for whole food natural vitamin supplements.

There are so many organic and whole food vitamin companies on-line. Where to begin!? The sensible choice for me, is going to be visiting a few local health food stores and talking to someone there and asking some questions first! As with all things, there is something for everyone’s individual needs and budget.

****As a follow up, just read this article from Dr.Axe.com : http://www.draxe.com/your-supplements-could-be-made-of-shower-scum/?utm_source=DrAxe.com+Newsletter&utm_campaign=d7fe72417c-Your+Supplements+Could+Be+Made+of+Shower+Scum&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_c497e2bf69-d7fe72417c-276372289&mc_cid=d7fe72417c&mc_eid=8d08bf607c

sources: https://www.google.com/url?q=http://www.draxe.com/4-dangerous-and-common-vitamin-fillers-you-must-avoid/&sa=U&ei=Os0YUsbEPIfU2QXpyIGADA&ved=0CAcQFjAA&client=internal-uds-cse&usg=AFQjCNHJ5fkFUSuovtjIyQgXFp8mMM8UXw




E. Mindell, New Vitamin Bible (available on amazon)

So, how DO I want to start working out again?

The sky is the limit! I have no pre-conceived ideas, and the slate is clean, so to speak. I like to have some sort of goal in mind for my exercising:  every few months I find something different to focus on. Whether it is a seasonal activity, new workout routine with different equipment etc, I like to change it up. It is good for the mind as well as the body (the whole neuro-muscular development and all that science-y stuff that is amazing to read, but I wont re-write it all now!)

I have been running, biking, playing tennis, a little swimming, lifting weights (DB and KB routines)  along with some body-weight HIIT style workouts, and Heavy Bag workouts with boxing and kickboxing drills. And I LOVE taking my DB/KB and resistance bands outside on the deck for the “al fresco” effect of all that fresh air, and watching the sun rise through the trees in my back yard.

I am going to create a 6-week cycle of Circuit Training “Pattern” for myself, combining all of these activities: since the weather is going to be agreeable for the next (2?!)  few months before winter will drive me indoors mostly.  The “Last Hurrah! for Outdoor Workouts”

…….Up next: How to plan the PLAN?

Rest RX Day#4

So, being on the mend with this back injury this weekend has been eye-opening. It’s so difficult to “NOT”. The time for working out is so ingrained into my days and weekly plans, that I feel lost and definitely out of sync. And in 4 days, I don’t think I can be truly out of shape et, but I feel like I might be! Instead of letting this negative feeling grow, I have been focusing, or TRYING to re-focus on other aspects of myLife: reading, writing, class work, researching ideas – the mind building exercises. I had to give myself permission to stop the exercise routines, to spend time with the books and articles etc. I will get better and get back to the grind, but to do it right my BODY needs the time off. And I think keeping my mind busy, will help me keep positive about moving ahead with “plans” even though I can’t workout. Plus, I can work up a complete new re-intro to workout schedule for myself.  Here’s to the coming week! may yourFit be active to the best of your (current!) abilities!

I Break for Injuries

ImageIt my be one of the hardest things to do, once you are in a routine, but taking a break from working out for an injury is the smart thing to do. SOME injuries can be worked through by modifying a session; or like working out when you are sick…is it just a bit of a head cold? or something more serious? It all depends…

But a back injury is not something to be messed with. Considering all your back and spine is involved with, it really IS the one pain to stop you in your tracks and let it mend!

It feels like admitting weakness, defeat even….but I would like to run another day and swing another kettlebell, so I know the time to rest is important.

I did something to twist-up my lower back during a jump-rope body-weight Interval series and cool-down run yesterday. Spent the day cautiously walking around at work and a restless night; as every time I moved I had to partially sit up and hold my abs in to roll over. SO, I am out of the home-gym and off of the roads and trails for the time being.

Maybe it will give me more time to focus on the mind-body connection of being fit; maybe I will complete some kitchen-recipe projects I have been gathering information on but no time to really get into.

… I hear the weights calling, and my road bike is cajoling me… and the new trail-running gear? well, they are just sitting looking pretty and promising me they will cushion my run. But they all have to wait …..